rare things are growing the moon is moving , shalom fly the burning flag of freedom do you know what it’s like to be almost swallowed home ?   he pours the tea gold sugar , emotional weight unfurls her hair upon dew shoulders , a soul scratching in the still and quiet she is…Read more »


I loved holding your hand what piece of that is you ? there , a white horse loose and hit by a car on Paradise Road its a curious land God allows . do you recognize me the red spruce , the snow goose laying in lake sand the turntable now an alleluia instrument sounding…Read more »

Poem for my soldier

decades three times gone by with tides descent silvers sliver mark liquid light upon her skin so white the warriors sword cuts gold the blues deep sleep a memory weeping nocturnals curse a fragile stain at choirs of gulls positioning Shakespeare’s lover listening I love you her breath glistening there it is he said ,…Read more »